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Fine Art, 2016

Burning Man

The vision for the Orca Project was to create a large-scale wooden sculpture of a pod of orcas traveling through the ocean. The instillation led participants to examine our human relationships with each other as a community through the display of an elaborate and sophisticated community structure found elsewhere in nature, namely a pod of orca. The intention was to educate participants while at the same time remind us of the importance of preserving the oceans of our planet.

BurNING MAN art festival landscape desert

More than ever, humans are forced to move, pushed towards new uncertain horizons. The journey is an integral part of our evolution, it forges and characterizes us.

BurNING MAN festival landscape desert DREAM

The burning of the Temple takes place the evening after the destruction of the Man. The tradition of participants inscribing the surfaces of the piece with personal messages has continued through all of the iterations of the temple.

BurNING MAN art festival landscape desert

The Space Whale is a full scale humpback whale made of steel and stained glass. Lit from the inside at night and mystic in the dust of the Playa during the day, she was truly attracting us like a magnet.

BurNING MAN art festival desert surreal

Radical self expression is expressed through some of the most spectacular costumes you will ever see, from what you’d think are actual aliens, shamans, angels, demons, the expression through costume and makeup is nothing short of spectacular.

BurNING MAN portrait festival desert surreal

The art and music are out of this world but the people are the real magic of Burning Man.

BurNING MAN portrait festival desert surreal

The city is alive at all times and you marvel at the astounding art cars that serenade you with music. You may witness a flying carpet, the disco hat wearing skull, or hundreds of other creative endeavors.

BurNING MAN portrait festival surreal

BurNING MAN portrait festival desert surreal


Burning Man is unique. It’s unique in its community spirit, its creativity, its self-expression. It’s not merely another festival. It’s a celebration of the human soul.

Burning Man is the quintessential art and culture festival. 70'000 free spirits descended into the desert to create a temporary fanciful city made up of a mixture of art, community and the downright bizarre.
It's cultural, spiritual, unreal, uncommon which transpires into an almost post apocalyptic world of vividness.
It offered a platform to discover and explore as individuals with the possibility of working on the same theme but interpreting it with our own self-expression, then seeing how these three viewpoints come together as one.


Titel der Arbeit
Burning Man
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