Thomas Nie

Fine Art, 2017

Moon at 7pm

Moon at 7pm: kid

Kind; podest

Moon at 7pm: sms

frau; Museum; sms

Moon at 7pm: swans

schwäne; schwarz

Moon at 7pm: skid

rutsche; wald

Moon at 7pm: hair

haare; schwimmbad

Moon at 7pm: brush

bürste; haare puppe

Moon at 7pm: lion

löwe; Museum; schaukasten

Moon at 7pm: view

Frau; kleid; aussicht


"Moon at 7pm"

I started the "Moon at 7pm" project during my time in New York.

It all began with a crappie photo of the BAM Tower in Brooklyn at 7pm - and yes, the full moon and the clock of the tower created a kind of dialogue in that very first picture in the dark. (not included in the final selection)

The project evolved further and the original idea of a photo taken in New York at 7pm became a defined style and a personal attitude disconnected from any time or location.

In the last few years the project developed into its final meaning: a moment which feels like seeing the full moon.

After four years of working on this theme, the project was completed at the end of 2017. The result is an art book (which exists) and there will be a photo exhibition with about 40 images in 2018.

A series of the "Moon at 7pm" pictures has been selected by a jury in December 2017 and shown to the public just once at the "photo18" in Zürich in January 2018.


Titel der Arbeit
Moon at 7pm
Photo18 Zürich